Protein A Elisa Kit

Specific and highly sensitive

Designed to detect protein contamination in samples with high amount of antibodies
Protein A Elisa Kit
Protein A Elisa Kit

This ELISA kit is designed to detect native and recombinant Protein A from Staphylococcus aureus (SpA), in samples such as antibody preparations. The kit will detect the MabSelect SuReTM ligand from GE Healthcare. Many immunoglobulins bind Protein A non-specifically via the Fc region. This Protein A ELISA kit utilizes IgG from chicken, also known as IgY, which is one of the few immunoglobulins that does not bind Protein A in the Fc region.

Features and Benefits:
  • Superior accuracy: Boiling procedure gives recoveries close to 100%.
  • Broad application range: Dynamic range is at least 3 logs and the kit can be used for samples with or withoug IgG.
  • High sensitivity: Sensitivity is 0.15ng/mL even at IgG concentrations up to 1mg/mL.
  • Cost effective and flexible: 96 well plate in a 8×12 strip format.
  • Sufficient for analysis of 44 samples in duplicate.
Typical Applications:
  • For manufacturers of Protein A columns: Quality control of leached material.
  • For manufacturers of monoclonal antibodies: Quantification of Protein A in the antibody solutions after purification.
  • For research and diagnostics: Verify absence of Protein A in samples to avoid false reslts in immunological assays.

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