The Perfect Solution

For Disinfecting CO2 Incubators and General Water Baths


Pharmacidal solution prevents contamination, growth of fungi (and spores), bacteria (and spores) mycoplasma and virusus (including HIV and Hepatitis B).

  • Pharmacidal is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
Disinfecting The Water in the Incubators

The water required for humidity is a source of contamination which disperses in the incubator. In order to disinfect the water we recommend Aquaguard-1 Solution , which contains a disinfectant that does not cause damage to the stainless steel tray, is non-toxic, non-volatile, and extremely effective.

Preventive treatment will prevent damage that can be caused as a result of contamination to the tissue culture. In addition, it will also prevent the necessity of dealing with contamination that has dispersed in the incubator and causes repeated contamination of the tissue culture.

Disinfecting Ordinary Water Baths

Aquaguard-2 is intended for disinfecting various kinds of water baths from bacteria and fungi. The active ingredient in Aquaguard-2 is safe to humans and does not cause any irritating effects to the skin when used in the recommended concentration.

Pharmacidal & Aquaguard Flyer